Clients trust our insight and objective perspective when developing a performance improvement strategy.   We deliver trusted, insightful and analytically-driven consulting designed with your specific business in mind.  We do not pretend to know your business better than you do.  Our job is to assess your business objectively, ask the right questions that elevate the conversation and allow you to consider new perspectives. It is those questions, the objective analysis, and everything that follows, that help move your business to new heights.  


Organizational performance involves analyzing a company’s performance against its objectives and goals. Thinc Strategy’s analysis focuses on three primary outcomes: shareholder value performance; financial performance; and market performance.


The best advisors are great listeners, so our approach starts with discovery. We gather information from you to understand where you are today and discover the gap between this point and where you want the business to go.


Once we complete the discovery phase, we work with you to determine the best strategy to reach your goals. Thinc offers a variety of tailored recommendations that guide you in making informed decisions.  There are lots of things you can work on, but the smartest approach is to focus on areas with the greatest impact. Thinc provides a process to measure your performance against the plan. Our goal is to offer insightful strategies that lead to measurable results.


Once final decisions are made, it is time to implement. Thinc will stay with you through all stages of implementation, celebrate as you reach milestones and adapt your strategy as needs change.


Are leaders born or made?

Much like the nature versus nurture debate in science, the question of whether leaders are born or made is one that many continue to debate. Some believe individuals innately possess leadership qualities. Others argue that leadership is more like a muscle; one that is developed and refined through intentional acts of self-discovery.

Our Leadership Perspective

Some people are born with innate leadership characteristics. Those born with leadership characteristics vary and can come with a mixed bag of traits, including being a visionary, having unwavering confidence and being risk-averse. Those traits alone are not guaranteed ingredients for great leadership, but more like a head start. The key to leadership is linked directly to an individual’s ability to analyze, act and adapt.

  1. Analyze individual behaviors, abilities, strengths and weakness.
  2. Act on opportunities and create opportunities to act on.
  3. Adapt to the environment and its evolving circumstances, as well as staying comfortable with continuous change.

When we view leadership through the lens of analysis, action and adaptation, our perspective on great leadership changes. We no longer see great leadership tied to specific personality characteristics. Rather, great leadership becomes more like a mentality and point of view that individuals either take to or run from. How can companies develop strategies that strengthen the leadership potential of employees?

  1. Integrate leadership development into your company culture from the start. Don’t assume talent will cultivate itself. Expose employees to programs and opportunities to build their leadership muscle.
  2. Create environments to challenge employees. Those moments of challenge allow managers to see which employees thrive in difficult scenarios and those that welcome the changing circumstances.
  3. Discuss leadership openly with employees in a way that welcomes progress rather than perfection. Don’t assume that an individual’s first chance at leading will be perfect; it probably won’t be anything close to perfect. If leadership is a muscle, then the best thing managers can do is give employees the opportunity to break that muscle and rebuild it again.

Are You Ready to Build Great Leaders?

Great. We are ready to help you get there. Our team has helped guide companies through customized leadership training that points individuals and teams in the right direction. We work on the belief that business success is directly proportionate to great leadership across the entire enterprise.

It’s time to focus equally on strengthening business and leadership performance. Let’s get started!


At Thinc, we believe you need accurate, timely and meaningful financial data to make sound business decisions.  Models and formulas that are too complex to be understood by clients without third-party interpretation are not useful.  

We cannot achieve success through a standard formula. For us, it’s about customized financial reporting that leads to your long-term success. The customized strategies we create are simple, and that simplicity is an advantage in our business.

Fractional CFO

Does your firm need a Chief Financial Officer?

It’s time to gain better controls and better insight into the financial health of your business. Save time and money with data-driven decision making.

That’s where the Thinc Strategy team steps in to help.

Most large companies have a CFO on the payroll, but all firms have needs. Typically, that means periodic expertise and monitoring of the firm’s financial health and performance, rather than a full-time CFO on staff.

Thinc Strategy is the third-party support firms count on for fractional CFO services.

What can you expect?

Total oversight into the financial health of your company and the right kind of assistance for long-term company planning. You can think of Thinc Strategy as a remote CFO, without the burden of the payroll liability. With us you will gain:

  • Coaching and mentorship of your firm’s internal accounting staff.
  • Oversight into the accounting functions of the internal team, ensuring that checks and balances, timely data, and quality reporting are accurate and precise.
  • Support in the conception and implementation of strategic company plans.
  • Facilitation of firm succession planning.
  • Cost saving development plans that map, measure and monitor overhead.
  • Complete access to key performance indicator metrics and dashboards.
  • Cash flow management to ensure the best use of firm resources.
  • High-level perspectives that see beyond the firm and analyze the total marketplace with objective insight and recommendations for your specific needs.
  • Strategies that help drive long-term business development goals.
  • Risk management monitoring, along with forecasts and budget allocations.
  • Plans, policies and procedures designed to drive your company toward increased profitability and growth.

Hiring a fractional CFO is a flexible, cost effective solution. The amount of time you need from our Thinc Strategy team can vary based on your specific business needs. It is the smart way to gain access to the expertise you need while controlling the cost of service.


At Thinc Strategy we believe understanding the financial health of your business is imperative for long-term success. We can help you assess the financial health of your business by analyzing:

  • Past Performance - Across historical time periods for the same firm (the last 5 years for example)
  • Future Performance – Financial projections and what-if scenarios
  • Comparative Performance – Benchmarking your performance to others in your industry 

We can also provide an assessment of your:

  • Accounting systems and processes
  • Internal controls
  • Profit margin