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No Shoes, Ok, but No Shirt and We Have a Virtual Meeting Problem. The Thinc Guide to Virtual Meeting Etiquette.

Thinc Strategy

April 17, 2020

Virtual meetings can be very efficient allowing everyone in the meeting to focus on each other and any shared documents. They will continue to be an integral part of how business gets done after stay-at-home restrictions are lifted. At Thinc Strategy, we believe the best approach is to treat them as you would other in-person professional interactions with a few modifications for the remote environment:

Your PPP loan has been approved. Now what?

Thinc Strategy

April 16, 2020

Now it’s time to put the money to work in ways that’ll position your business to qualify for having the loan forgiven, essentially converting the loan into a grant. While the SBA hasn’t issued full guidance for how businesses will need to apply for forgiveness, here’s what the conditions included in the CARES act along with advice from SBA-lending experts indicate business should be doing now:

Restarting your marketing engine. Especially if you cut your budget.

Thinc Strategy

April 13, 2020

Was your 2020 marketing plan put on hold last month? Many firms used savings from event cancellations and stay-at-home orders as part of their necessary expense reductions. That may describe your firm, but you can’t cut your way out of a downturn. You are going to need new clients to stay afloat and come out of this successfully. Here are four places to consider as you re-start your marketing machine:

Tough Times Call for Informed Decisions

Thinc Strategy

April 3, 2020

As leaders and owners of businesses, we are faced with making decisions daily - some decisions are easy and some are not so easy. Unfortunately, the tough times we are facing as business leaders are causing a major disruption in our normal business operations and causing most, if not all, business leaders to think about the way the business operates. It has been an amazing testament to the business community and the leaders we work with daily to see every organization quickly respond, be nimble in their operations and pivot to what works in today’s environment.

Where’s my next new customer coming from? Shifting business development to digital.

Thinc Strategy

April 1, 2020

Trade shows, events, networking meetings and prospective client calls are the lifeblood of B2B business development and lead generation.While many businesses have established good digital lead generation, social media and lead nurture programs, those only reach people who engage and search for vendors online. If a prospective client finds you online, in most B2B sales, getting a new client comes down to equal parts relationship-building and delivering a product or service of value.

Sales and Marketing Pivot | Turning the Funnel Upside Down

Thinc Strategy

March 27, 2020

In a time of so much uncertainty, it is likely that business leaders will need to make a pivot in their normal operational strategy. Because of this, marketers are forced to address a multitude of challenges and questions including how their messaging should change in light of a public health crisis, what they can do to continue to generate qualified leads, and how their spending and budgets will be affected due to canceled events and changes in cash flow.

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Thinc Strategy

February 26, 2019

When the time comes for you to sell your business and take the next step, what’s your exit strategy? The thought of selling something you’ve worked so hard to build, your life’s work, can be daunting—but it’s inevitable. And still, many owners and founders enter this stage of their business feeling...

Never make business decisions based on money alone

Thinc Strategy

February 19, 2019

If you are a reader of Medium, you likely saw the recent profile on our managing partner, Cindy Anderson, who participated in the publication’s monthly spotlight exploring female business leaders and what it takes to win in business today. Read the full article on Cindy, her career journey, her personal passions...

How do you know when it’s time to expand your business?

Thinc Strategy

January 23, 2019

You’ve started your dream business. You have taken the time to find a niche and build out a strategy to ensure your business is on the right path. Now, after becoming an entrepreneur, you have successfully grown your business from startup to a well-established company in your community. You’ve already achieved...

Developing a Growth Strategy for Faster Results

Thinc Strategy

January 19, 2019

Apple started in a garage before taking over the technology industry and redefining how we communicate. Amazon began as an online book retailer before transforming the online shopping experience. Uber started as a ride-share service that would forever disrupt the taxi industry and how the world views transportation at large. These...