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Never Make Business Decisions Based on Money Alone

If you are a reader of Medium, you likely saw the recent profile on our managing partner, Cindy Anderson, who participated in the publication’s monthly spotlight exploring female business leaders and what it takes to win in business today.

Read the full article on Cindy, her career journey, her personal passions and her plans for Thinc Strategy over the next few years. If you want a condensed version of the story, no worries. We’ve got you covered. Below is a highlight of the article and insights into the essential elements that have led to Cindy’s success.

More Than A CPA

For me, being a CPA wasn’t enough anymore. That may sound strange, but I knew that the financial health and performance of a company was important, but it wasn’t everything. I wanted to serve companies in a way that cared for the entire health of the business — not just one facet.

Succeeding By Avoiding The Status Quo

We cannot achieve success through a standard formula. For us, it’s about customized strategies, and the belief that if our strategies are designed for everyone, they are designed for no one. The individualized strategies we create are simple, and that simplicity is an advantage in our business.

My profession is famous for models and formulas that are so complicated and complex that they cannot be consumed by clients without third-party interpretation. But we want our clients to not just receive a hundred page book of big words and recommendations, we want them to have digestible, actionable steps that lead to measurable results.

Best Advice Ever Received

The best advice I ever received was to never make business decisions based on money alone. The person who gave me that advice learned the hard way, and lost their company because they had chased after the dollar and lost sight of what truly mattered. Even with the growth of Thinc Strategy and the success we have seen over the last five years, I have never let that advice stray too far away.

A Commitment To Lifelong Learning Matters

I’m an avid reader, so picking the one book that’s had the greatest impact on my success feels almost like sabotage to all the other great pieces of literature I’ve read and learned from over the years. But if I had to pick one, I’d have to go with Good to Great by Jim Collins. His book was a true ah-ha moment for me. While I’ve read better writing — nothing against Jim — I’ve never read a book that made me think so much about the importance of building a company that integrates the very best minds and talent.