Talent Development

Talent is your most valuable asset and is the foundation for your company culture. Talent development is a key component of a successful team. Thinc provides customized leadership training that puts individuals and teams in the right direction. We work on the belief that businesses can never be great without great leadership across the entire enterprise.

How can companies develop strategies that strengthen the leadership potential of employees?

1.    Integrate leadership development into your company culture from the start. Don’t assume talent will cultivate itself. Instead expose employees to programs and opportunities to build their leadership muscle.

2.    Create environments where employees are challenged. Those moments of challenge allow managers to see which employees thrive in difficult scenarios and those that welcome the changing circumstances.

3.    Discuss leadership openly with employees in a way that welcomes progress rather than perfection. Don’t assume that an individual’s first chance at leading will be perfect; it probably won’t be anything close to perfect. But if leadership is a muscle, then the best thing managers can do is give employees the opportunity to break that muscle and rebuild it again.

Thinc provides a complete suite of facilitator-led talent development programs, individual and group workshops, behavioral assessments, firm retreats and executive coaching services that are designed to elevate your team and develop equipped and highly motivated individuals that are prepared to make a significant impact within your organization.

Firm Retreats
Strategic Planning Workshops
Leadership Development – Group Workshops
Executive Coaching
Business Development Coaching
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
DiSC® Training and Development
Type 360® Assessment  

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