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Is Now the Time to Expand Internationally?

If you’ve ever said, “we should be working with clients all over the world,” the new virtual work environment is your big chance. Today, with the right value proposition, willingness to partner and work ethic, you can unleash the geographic boundaries on your market potential.

At Thinc, we believe you shouldn’t let your current geographic location limit your business ambition. Similarly, do not let this current public health crisis cause you to pull back from developing global relationships. The future for thriving businesses will not be either/or. It will be both local and global.

We are at one of those rare moments in time where we all have common experiences and interests. In addition, as business people, we are now largely working in the same way – remotely. Consider the current business reality: 

  • Videoconferences are the new norm for day-to-day operations for everything from management and administrative functions to sales and client service.
  • English is the common language for business.
  • Those global events and meetings that might have been required for building new relationships in the past are now going virtual, making it easier and more affordable for companies of all sizes to participate in the global marketplace.

This isn’t to say that global expansion is easy. You have to have a smart strategy, clear priorities, solid research and a plan. And, while we all have more in common today than ever before, there are still (thankfully) many cultural differences to understand and respect. Our favored approach for global expansion once you have a strategy is to identify great partners who share your vision.

If you are thinking about geographic expansion and would like to kick around some ideas, contact us for a complimentary 30-minute Thinc Big session to generate ideas and perhaps hear about some of our partners in international markets.