We draw upon our experience and expertise to identify and communicate a wide variety of potential growth strategies. Whether you need a long-range vision, an acquisition strategy or a sales and marketing plan, our team is committed to your growth objectives.

Long-Range Vision


Business expansion has the potential to expose your business to a broader audience. Increasing your customer base will help you diversify, convert more customers, and improve sales. This leads to higher profits. Just like your team, expanding your customer base is important to the success of your business.  Thinc can help you with a variety of expansion options:

  • Acquisition
  • Geographic
  • Market Sectors
  • Disciplines/Services

Value Proposition

Each day competitors are challenging the value you bring to the market. Increasingly those competitors are challenging with disruptive technology or a superior customer experience. We use insights into customer expectations and market opportunities to help you articulate a value proposition that distinguishes and defines your brand.

Brand Position

What is your one thing? You know, that one thing that makes your customers, employees, partners, regulators and vendors think your business is special. Can you say it in a sentence? Is it distinct? Is it powerful? Is it true? That one thing is your brand positioning and in today’s digital world, you need to name it and own it before it’s defined by circumstance, competitors or even worse, crisis.

Sales & Marketing

Often misunderstood as the same thing, the sales and marketing disciplines are different and better when they work together. This is why Thinc excels at aligning sales and marketing strategies for growth that’s predictable and desirable.

Go-to-Market Planning

When looking to accelerate growth, how is as important as what or why. Go-to-Market planning helps you identify the best markets, channel opportunities as well as product and service positioning to gain competitive advantage and win.


Whether you call it prospecting, lead generating, lead nurturing or customer acquisition, today the buyer is in control. Thinc helps clients with inbound/outbound marketing programs that insert your brand at the specific trigger points in the buying journey putting your brand in the best position to close the sale.