Fractional CFO and Controller Services

Business process outsourcing is a growing trend among high-growth companies, providing a cost-effective way for organizations to enhance their accounting and human resource functions. The key benefits of outsourcing include fractional use of a variety of professionals, enhanced internal controls, and reliable industry expertise when you need it.

Outsourcing enables organizations to scale resources up and down as needed with no obligation to pay additional salaries or benefit costs. Additionally, it alleviates the burden of hiring, training and maintaining extra staff.

With Thinc Strategy, hiring a fractional CFO, controller, accountant, or payroll specialist is a flexible, cost-effective solution that is completely customizable and scalable to your company’s needs. Outsourcing is an efficient way to gain access to the expertise you need while controlling the cost of service, reducing potential for fraud by utilizing internal controls and giving you strategic financial reports and analysis on a consistent and timely basis.

Financial Reporting GAAP

  • Single Entity
  • Multi-entity Consolidation

Month-end closing and reconciliations

Financial planning and analysis

Compliance reporting

  • Payroll Tax
  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Form 5500
  • Local and municipal compliance such as property tax filings
  • Secretary of state filings

Transaction processing

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Benefits compliance
  • Paid-time off (vacation) tracking

Feasibility studies


Profit analysis and recommendations

What-if analysis models