Fractional CMO and Marketing Program Management

Marketing strategy and execution provide the fuel for business growth, but a company’s marketing needs typically vary over time so maintaining a large internal team can be impractical. That’s where Thinc Strategy can help. Our fractional marketing services allow clients to tap the right marketing resources for their specific needs at the right time. If it’s developing marketing strategy, brand positioning, designing customer experience or providing marketing oversight, fractional CMO services provide cost-effective senior-level expertise. And, when you need extra support for program management on major initiatives like website development, CRM implementation, or product/service launches, our marketing program management support function helps you ensure projects run on-schedule, on-strategy and on-budget.

With Thinc Strategy, hiring a fractional CMO or Marketing Program Manager is a flexible, cost-effective solution that is completely customizable and scalable to your company’s needs. Outsourced CMO and Marketing Coordinator services are an efficient way to gain access to the expertise you need while controlling the cost of service and accelerating growth. Here are a few of the program areas supported by our team:

Go-to-Market Planning

When you’re looking to accelerate growth, sometimes how is as important as what or why and that’s where go-to-market planning comes in. We’ll help you identify the best markets, channel opportunities as well as product and service positioning to gain competitive advantage and win.

Value Proposition

Every day competitors are challenging the value you bring to the market. Increasingly those competitors are challenging with disruptive technology or a superior customer experience. Using insights into customer expectations and market opportunities, we help you articulate a value proposition that distinguishes and defines your brand.

Brand Position

What’s your one thing? You know, that one thing that your customers, employees, partners, regulators and vendors think makes your business special. Can you say it in a sentence? Is it distinct? Is it powerful? Is it true? That one thing is your brand positioning and in today’s digital world, you need to name it and own it before it’s defined by circumstance, competitors or even worse, crisis.

Inbound/Outbound Lead Generation

Prospecting, lead gen, lead nurture, customer acquisition. Whatever you call it, today the buyer is in control so we help clients with inbound/outbound marketing programs that insert your brand at the specific trigger points in the buying journey to put you in the best spot to close the sale.

Customer Experience

Experience is increasingly replacing product as what consumers value most in the traditional 4 P’s of marketing. We work with clients to understand how elevating their experience can be a differentiator to both attract and retain clients, especially for professional services organizations.