Evaluate The Merits of Any Business Idea

At Thinc, you work with professionals that listen, gather information, and assess your business to understand what your specific goals and objectives are, and discuss whether they’re feasible. We would love to discuss how a feasibility study can help your business.

Thinc will conduct individual interviews with key stakeholders to gain an understanding of their ownership goals and future objectives.
Thinc will review a variety of materials from the firm including, but not limited to, the past 3-5 years of financial statements, organization chart, key roles, and other relevant materials.
Thinc will meet with the owners to confirm the direction gleaned from our initial interviews and information analysis. We will use this meeting to refine the direction and inputs for the different models.
Develop Options
Thinc will build out the different options using the provided inputs showing the potential outcomes and implications for each model.
Thinc will present the feasibility study, documenting the various options and models. We will also schedule a follow-up conversation, allowing the owners time for reflection on the study, to answer questions and discuss next steps.