Does Your Firm Need a CFO?

Does your firm need a Chief Financial Officer?

It’s time to gain better controls and better insight into the financial health of your business. It’s time to save time and money with data-driven decision making.

That’s where the Thinc Strategy team steps in to help.

Most large companies have a CFO on the payroll, but all firms have needs. Typically, that means periodic expertise and monitoring of the firm’s financial health and performance, rather than a full-time CFO on staff.

Thinc Strategy is the third-party support firms count on for fractional CFO services.

What can you expect?

Total oversight into the financial health of your company and the right kind of assistance for long-term company planning. You can think of Thinc Strategy has a remote CFO, that does not have to be carried on the payroll. With us you will gain:

• Coaching and mentorship of your firm’s internal accounting staff.
• Oversight into the accounting functions of the internal team, ensuring checks and balances, timely data, and quality reporting are accurate and precise.
• Support in the conception and implementation of strategic company plans.
• Facilitation of firm succession planning.
• Cost saving development plans that map, measure and monitor overhead.
• Complete access to key performance indicator metrics and dashboards.
• Cash flow management to ensure best use of firm resources.
• High-level perspectives that see beyond the firm and analyze the total marketplace with objective insight and recommendations for your specific needs.
• Strategies that help drive long-term business development goals.
• Risk management monitoring, along with forecasts and budget allocations.
• Plans, policies and procedures designed to drive your company toward increased profitable and growth

Hiring a fractional CFO is a flexible, cost effective solution. The amount of time you need from our Thinc Strategy team can vary based on your specific business needs. It is the smart way to gain access to the expertise you need while controlling the cost of service.

With more than 30 years of experience in the architecture, engineering and construction industries, we have seen the measurable results from hundreds of companies that have trusted their financial oversight to a fractional CFO.

Your firm deserves to experience those same results from a team that can provide trusted, insightful and analytically-driven financial support with results you can count on.