Assessment Survey 360

Why use 360 surveys?
 360 surveys have their greatest impact when used to evaluate and improve the performance of organizations. As its name implies, 360 surveys assess the effect individual actions have on their organization.

The assessment is anonymous. Questions may be answered online, in an interview with the person’s coach or a combination of both. The survey rates the subject in areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, and technical skills. The individual also provides a self-assessment of themselves in these areas.

The survey questions are tailored to the individual’s role within the organization.  All the information is compiled into customized reports.

360 surveys produce the best results when they are used as a tool to identify opportunities for change and used to develop individual and organizational goals to make those changes. Each 360 survey should be customized to those corresponding goals.

Information gathered during a 360 survey can be used to develop continuous learning programs and identify training needs.  This feedback will allow the employee to focus on their improvement efforts.

360 survey uses
360 surveys are rapidly becoming the most effective method of evaluating on-the-job performance in which employees are rated by peers as well as managers. Uses include:

  • Leadership development
  • Individual skill development
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Team development
  • Sales development

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