Are you considering an acquisition or thinking about growth through expansion?  Thinc can help you identify firms to purchase,  assess the seller’s business value, manage the due diligence process, support implementation, and provide coordination as required.  Our goal is to make this stress-free and allow you to focus on running the business.

Buyer Representation

Understanding your acquisition goals is the foundation for developing a successful acquisition strategy. The primary factors for consideration are:

  • Cultural alignment 
  • Valuation and deal structure
  • Geographic location(s)
  • How to search for the best firms
  • Return on investment

At Thinc Strategy we help you develop an acquisition strategy that leads to a successful outcome.

Firm Search and Identification

We have a team of professionals that research firms based on your goals. We reach out to these firms and determine if they are a potential fit.  Once the most qualified firms are identified, Thinc facilitates meetings with you and the potential seller.

Strategic Valuation and Deal Structure

Thinc will assist your finance team with valuing the acquisition target and recommend various deal structures to achieve the greatest return on investment.

Due Diligence

Thinc has a team of professionals to assist you with the due diligence process. This includes check lists for all facets of the transaction:

  • Contracts
  • Finance, Insurance & Tax
  • Information Technology 
  • Fixed assets
  • Marketing
  • Organization

Integration Services

A successful integration is one that is well-planned, communicated and executed with minimal disruption to normal operations.  Thinc Strategy works to gain alignment with all parties, facilitates the tasks required pre and post-close and monitors progress through implementation.

Pre-Close Planning

Best practice is to create a task force with both the buyer and seller key stakeholders that will be responsible for the successful integration of the two firms.  Thinc will facilitate the integration planning required pre-close and work with the stakeholders in each area of the business (IT, accounting, human resources, operations, legal, business development, marketing, etc…) to leave no stone unturned.  Communication is one of the most important elements of an integration plan.  When and how to communicate is vital in creating a positive message internally and externally.

Post-Close Integration

Now you have purchased the company,  what integration steps remain?  Up to this point, discussions have been “when” we are one firm, now you "are" one firm.  It is important for you as the buyer to continue integrating the new business into your culture.  Thinc will guide you through a set of milestones to achieve in the first month, ninety days, six months, and first year.   Communication will be more important than ever to successfully integrate the new employees and clients.